Here we cover the discussion on the book of Revelation from the perspective of Jesus's own commentary on the event when he spoke to the disciples on the mount of Olives. I do not know what some of the folks reading may view these passages as, but I do know from personal observation, that most of the churches of Christ I have had experience with consider Matt. 24:3-35 to be about the destruction of Jerusalem and Matt. 24:36-25:46 to be about the end of the world. Most of the rest of the world, as far as I know, consider the entire passage to be about the end of the world.

What I'd like to do is offer information here that shows conclusively that Jesus spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem all the way through the whole discourse and why, Biblically, this is what Revelation must be about. A good preparatory exercise would be for you to stop reading this, go read the book of Acts, and note who the number one oppressors of the Christians are. You will note that generally only the Jews persecute Christians and that the Romans are either neutral or sometimes favorably disposed towards Christians (and against Jews).

In Truth and Love.