All information on this blog (other than that cited from other sources, obviously) is copyright by me on the date indicated by the post.  Use of this material to print, link to, disseminate, etc. is free so long as it is not used out of context and so long as I am properly cited and a link is provided to my blog address.  Failure to abide by this copyright notice will subject violators to public rebuke and potentially legal action.

Furthermore, I believe commentaries have their place.  Preachers can help guide and teach along our path to Heaven (Romans 10:10-18), but they are not an authority in spiritual matters.  I'm nobody, just a soldier in the cause of Jesus Christ.  What I write here is developed from my own personal Bible studies.  I have no authority in spiritual matters.  Having said that, I prefer that those who use my material do so for their own personal study, but not to quote or use as if it is authoritative.  If the points I make from scripture are good, sound points, then I prefer that you learn them from scripture and make your case from scripture, not from my commentary.

Of course, if you do not hold to my position, certainly feel free to quote me as long as you do so honorably, in context, and without misrepresenting me.
Ernie Laurence, Jr.